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  1. iHy! (I'm definitely not procrastinating.) :P You're the best!

    <--- looks like you after you fall in lava in MC
    <--- you if you were a flying pig (it's piiiiiink)
    <--- aw sheepie <3
    <--- one of the 3 foods you eat
    <--- pvk! oh noes! parrot rape!!
    <--- i'll take you to the candy shop

    wow there's a lot of those. mm, kay, study time!
  2. Enjoy carrying the boxes up the stairs :P iHy. I bet you never see this <3
  3. cant sleep so i think ill spam your visitor messages instead. LOL at me when you see this in 5 days
  4. omg I like, need to come out of the closet. Not being able to play until 5 AM sucks. Miss you! :P
  5. lol kay :]
  6. You haven't had a new visitor message in awhile! Play more because I am! Woot.
  7. lol... you should break up w/ him JUST because he plays WoW...
  8. Got sucked back into WoW with the expansion, hard to stop playing when the bf still is. Did you get L4D? When I get sick of WoW that's definitely what I'm going to play. <3 How are you!
  9. trix! where ya been?

    i dont see you anymore.....
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