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  1. Cool, that's been my 'fix' as well. Good to know I'm not alone.
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    Sometimes that happens to me at the start of a new game. The only way I've found to fix it is to rejoin the server, and if you do it quickly you usually don't lose your spot.
  3. You wouldn't happen to know how to get unstuck from Spectate mode would you? I can chat...I can see the scores...but it shows me in spectate and I can't get to the screen to choose a team..
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I like long walks on the beach on a cloudy day, candlelit bubble baths...and puppies...and KITTENS! And 6 foot pythons!

Ok, for the record I'm a guy. I don't glisten, I sweat and when I work out I go there to sweat, not glisten. And I when I logon to a Payload map I play for the TEAM to WIN (there is no I in team but there is MEAT!). (Even when I am playing in a pink housecoat with bunny slippers.)

But more seriously...
Once upon a time I bought HL in the orange box (a looong time ago)...this forced me to build a new computer...then I discovered the joy of deathmatch. This led to Team Fortress...then I had a son.

One day he discovered gaming and TF2 and I rediscovered it too.

Now I'm hooked, again.

FYI, if I'm playing sniper and you die by body shot don't whine about it. Dead is dead. Bodyshots/facestabs/demo spam all even out over time; sometimes you get the bear, other times the bear gets you. Whining about minutae only makes you look petty. (Now if you're playing heavy there's no excuse not to die by headshot since you're a great lumbering bovine beastie).
...but I digress...
Houston, TX
Photography (Nikon D90, hdr, architectural, landscape), TF2, piano, skydiving
Business Analyst
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Computer Specs
Something cheap then mod'd to filtered positive pressure
Asus P8Z68-z Pro as fook
i2500K @ 4.6Ghz (on air)
8GB DDR3 1600
Video Card # 1:
GTX 460 SSC (885/1770 MHz, 150 - 250 fps)
Video Card # 2:
What, you think this game needs TWO? Get a life.
Video Card # 3:
My mouse is a Logitech gaming MX518
Hard Drive # 1:
WD-Black, 1.5TB
Hard Drive # 2:
WD-Black, 1.0TB
Hard Drive # 3:
WD-Black, .64TB
Hard Drive # 4:
WD-Black, 1.5TB
Optical Drive # 1:
Liteon DVD/RW
Power Supply:
Enermax 620 watt
Sound Card:
X-Fi HD USB (headphone)/Realtek (mic)
23" WS Viewsonic, 19" Rosewill
Operating System:
WIN 7 64 Professional
Plantronics mic/Sennheiser 580 hphone

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