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  1. u see the tat? lolol iO runs in my blood!!!
  2. Sven and Ollie go dear hunting and kill a big buck. they drag it back to the camp site and hang it and gut it. Ollie says to Sven I got to go take a dump and he heads for the outhouse. After an hour there is no sign of Ollie so Sven decides to go see what is taking Ollie so long. He goes to the outhouse and findes Ollie sleeping inside. So Sven thinks he is gonna get that Ollie. He gets the gut pile from the deer and places it at Ollies feet in the outhouse and goes back the camp. Twenty minutes later here comes Ollie walking like he's got a dry corn cobb up his arse. Sven asks him what happened and Ollie says" Well I musta shit so hard that I plopped out my innards." Ollie pauses then holds up his right hand and keeping his index and middle finger extened exclaims" But by the grace of God and these 2 fingers I got it alll back in."
  3. HEre Is a joke for you.

    A guy walks into a bar and sees a Huge Jar of money on the bar. a sign on it says "Make my donkey Laugh and you get this jar of money. $10.00"
    So he puts in a ten spot and walks the the back room and wispers in the donkeys ear. The Donkey Starts a laughing and keeps it up as the man walks to the bar and tales all the money and leaves.

    2 years pass and he ends up in the same bar with the same jar full of money. The sign now reads "Make my donkey cry and win this jar of money. $20.00"
    agian he puts the money in the jar and walks back to the Donkey and unzips his pants and the donkey starts crying. So he walks up to the Bar and takes the money, the bartender ask him to tell him what he did to make the donkey laugh and then 2 years later make him cry...

    Well the man says, the first time I told him my dick was bigger then his. the secondtime I showed him.........................

    Fuck this took along time to type..
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