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  1. Thanks NiCKYNITRO - I talked to MightyDWC on vent the other night and he gave me the info. I passed it on to others in game and they were grateful..
  2. Donors can toggle any of the effects by typing !donormenu in game.
  3. NiCKYNiTRO,

    Is there a way to turn off the Fireworks damage for donors? Some users have been grumbling about frame rate issues and the effect obscuring their vision in game. I'd hate to see you lose donors over this kind of thing. Thanks,

  4. Hi NiCKYNitro,

    Tonight when a game started up I got a message that I was not authorized and my iO tag was being removed. Did something happen to cause this? Thanks,

  5. Thanks! That worked perfectly.
  6. Your steam id is STEAM_0:1:15240144 Please make sure there are no preceding or trailing spaces when you enter it. Check out: for more information on how to get your ID
  7. I have the same problem as Scottstimo - try to plug my player=xxxx number into the profile and it yells about format. Thanks.
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