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My Dog - Freddie

Added by BananaPants
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Description by BananaPants


This is my 16 week old puppy. His head is already up to my mid thigh. He's going to be huge.

Comments for My Dog - Freddie (5)

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    04:20 PM
    Re: My Dog - Freddie
    His paws are huge! I just got a yellow lab, his paws are huge too.. You should bring him by the LAN hahaha
  2. #2
    11:51 PM
    Re: My Dog - Freddie
    LOL...i would if I'd knew he wouldnt jump up and pee on everyone.
  3. #3
    12:38 PM
    Re: My Dog - Freddie
    You already have that to worry about with Twizzy being there.
  4. #4
    09:12 AM
    Re: My Dog - Freddie
    ^^^ LOL. Don't forget Bigg will be there too!
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    12:54 PM
    Re: My Dog - Freddie
    I think you can trust him not to pee on things though. Twizzy...not so much.

    (jk!! <3)