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    Five Simple Rules

    These are extremely basic rules that will vastly improve anyones gameplay.

    1) Don't give up until you're raxed.
    2) Let the carry farm/get kills.
    3) If you're a support player, ward constantly. If you don't know where to ward, ask.
    4) Don't overextend. Generally: Don't push past river unless you can A) See 3-5 of the other team, B) can easily escape.
    5) Always ask for help if you're unsure of what to do.

    Follow these and everything will be grand <3
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    Re: Five Simple Rules

    Quote Originally Posted by Visions View Post
    These are extremely basic rules that will vastly improve anyones gameplay.

    3) If you're a support player, ward constantly. If you don't know where to ward, ask.

    Follow these and everything will be grand <3
    When it comes to this. It's not oh hey we have some wards up i don't need to buy them. it's AS SOON AS THEY COME OFF COOL DOWN AT THE STORE buy them.

    Also it's not let me upgrade my boots or buy a bracer or buy my nomes or astrolabes then i will buy them... NO! it's wards first. Screw your bracer. You know what's gonna save your life? the ward that allows you to not get ganked. not the bracer. Plus. if you get a gank from a ward... well they paid for themselves right there!
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    Re: Five Simple Rules

    Just one thing I don't agree with. "Don't give up until you're raxed." At that stage if you get a genocide you're back in business. Maybe change it to... if you get raxed and lose the next teamfight. A rax doesnt equal game over.
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    Re: Five Simple Rules

    nice :P
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    Re: Five Simple Rules

    I approve Rokurs message.
    Fear the chiprel.

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