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    Thumbs down Some thoughts on my mind

    Played a few games with the guys from clan "Gank to Kill" tonight. One thing I noticed that was different than what we've been doing the past million games: Good communication, and ganking.

    Ha, ha. Irony, right? "Gank to Kill" does gank, that's a knee-slapper! But it works. They stop laning when laning phase is over, the farmers know when and how to farm, but most of all, they have one or two guys who know what they're doing, with a commanding voice, that take leadership and tells the team what to do, when to do it, and where it's all going down, and the rest of the team knows to follow these orders if they want to win. This roughly translates into successful fights, where our team gets the upper-hand and usually take down a few of the opponents, with little to no casualties from our side of the river. Now they're not right 100% of the time, and sometimes you need to deviate from the plan to stay alive as the carry, or to juke someone who just ran past you. But for the most part, you listened to them, you followed them, and generally, you'd win the team fight or game.

    We lack the communication, the teamwork, even the comradery, that I've seen in just about every other lightly-skilled games between organized teams. As it stands now, we're not just bad because we have no skill. We're bad because we're not a team. How to play the game well can be taught by someone with the necessary knowledge of a game's mechanics and strategy, but nobody can tell us how to be a team, or how to communicate with each other. If we don't get this done right, we might as well not even try to pubstomp, and just revert back to being a bunch of random people with the same clan tag.

    And settling for anything less than being a pubstomp group is unacceptable, even if we never enter another competition for the life of the game.
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    Re: Some thoughts on my mind

    I actually think this is what should occur on low-skill teams.

    When I play with skilled players I think less communication is necessary as everyone practically knows what to do at all times. Noone needs to call dibs on farm noone is standing around doing nothing before teamfights unless ppl are waiting for the right positioning by other teammates. People don't bunch together. Noone asks, what are we doing now... because everyone knows what to do during mid-game/late-game. We ignore people who are screaming to force pushes, or whatever. Only thing people do is generally ping warnings and coordinate e-z ganks.
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    Re: Some thoughts on my mind

    Ping the map. Your team should know if it means danger, rune, come, run away, etc..

    Place wards. Everywhere. Even having 4 up at a time can give you easy kills and also save ur ass.

    Eh, its HoN.... You don't need anyone telling you how to play, if some random started commanding me id get really pissed off and definitely mute him.

    It's just that the HoN community is a big pile of shit. Gamers that dont speak english, people that have been gaming back to back games, ragequitters, griefers, trolls... etc.
    Ur gonna have to just play with the same people every time if you want communication like that, or just get lucky with a nice group of randoms... but good luck with that (Aaaand here comes the Brazilian guy that picks scout) XD
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    Re: Some thoughts on my mind

    This teeters on the edge of thread necro, but. Try having 400 people in one TeamSpeak channel. When the FC (Fleet Commander)says STFU!!! you STFU!!!. You do as your told or you're gone. Quickly. Seen this many times in Eve.
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    Re: Some thoughts on my mind

    Yeah, well, EVE is a lot different.
    Had a buddy of mine tell me stories of the discipline they'd use in large alliances. And truth be told, it's needed when you're dealing with that many people.
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