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Thread: Uninstalled HoN

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    Re: Uninstalled HoN

    Quote Originally Posted by Waffles And Syrup View Post
    We're 22nd in standings. And WTF is our 7th game at? How are some teams done with 7 games, but others only have 6?
    It seems pretty common if you look at the standings. We may make playoffs at 22nd you never know!
    aka Davkul

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    Re: Uninstalled HoN

    lol, god i haven't touched HoN in about 2 weeks. Work and just not wanting to play as been keeping me away. Are we will in the Alienware comp? If so I will do my best to show up to the matches, but my new full time job is kicking my ass
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    Re: Uninstalled HoN

    I've learned to sometimes just play a noob game, try going into a 3v3 or 2v2, that way you have a lot less "chance" of the game being turned around mid way through. Besides I've always liked the idea of being able to turn a game around myself. (Not proclaiming I'm skillful, or anything).

    But yeah, HoN can get really obnoxious.

    Quote Originally Posted by Waffles And Syrup View Post
    Maybe it's a black thing.
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    Re: Uninstalled HoN

    Quote Originally Posted by Waffles And Syrup View Post
    I've got space too, but I uninstall them so I'm not tempted to go back until the date that I promise (I did this same thing with TF2 earlier this year). On my crappy ISP, it'd be hard to just re-download and re-install on a whim.
    lol fair enuff
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    Re: Uninstalled HoN

    Uninstall again IMO if your just gonna ragequit during games with clan m8's.
    Fear the chiprel.

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