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    Re: New hero coming this friday

    I cant wait for the ninja backstabbing Dwarven Sharpeye to return... too bad he was my first hero in DotA and I failed hard with him but I hope I can rape with Flint Beastwood. It's pretty sick that they are doing a 1:1 port and the thing I think Sharpeye will help out the most with is killing those gay invis heroes or heroes like magebane that blink or go invis right when they are about to die.
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    Re: New hero coming this friday

    He looks pretty sweet!
    aka Davkul

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    Re: New hero coming this friday

    dead wood for life imo!
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    Re: New hero coming this friday

    +1 to Lawlstep, I randomed him the other day, played him about 2 other time before then, and I LOVE HIM.

    Beastwood's ulti is too OP imo, it has like a 20 sec cd and does a fair amount of damage.

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