My SC2 Midnight Launch Experience!

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by , 07-27-2010 at 07:24 AM (2174 Views)
My SC2 purchase experience was absolutely atrocious. I feel that this needs to be shared with the world. Not only did I have to drive three or so miles from my house to GameStop, but I also had to have my girlfriend pay for the game! I waited in line for almost one whole minute to pre-purchase and then had to listen to a diatribe of inept tips and mundane "Buy this strategy guide!" rehearsed lines from the neckbearded sales clerk. At the end of my seemingly eternal (lol) purchase exchange he recommended I come back before 11pm since he expected a huge turnout! Ooh boy!

Upon returning I saw that there was a massive line streching almost as far as a foot away from the counter! I couldn't believe how unlucky I was to have arrived nearly 45 minutes early and see such a tremendous line before me. This could take forever. As the clock ticked down agonizingly slow I was forced to watch horrible vods of very early beta SC2 on the in-store TV's. All the while listening to my neckbearded friend describe to me how amazing Roaches were and how much he suggested I get the strategy guide in order to get single player achievements! Near the end I almost caved but then I remembered I was broke and my GF was in the car playing on my laptop so I had no means of obtaining said guide anyway! (It's the small things that always make you the happiest!)

Finally the clock struck 12:00AM and the clerks began breaking out the SC2 boxes! I saw my one true love and began to shiver and shake uncontrollably with anticipation of the pure ownage that was to come! I fought tooth and nail through an 80lb 14year old with long hair and skater cloths and a 110lb 19yr old nerd complete with pocket protector, it was brutal, it was dirty but it had to be done. And then... I did it! I reached the front of the line! I strolled up to the counter and said, "STFU and give me my game before I end your existence Neckbeard." He complied hastily and then retreated into the back room, undoubtedly to clean the poop out of his now soiled whitey-tighties. I then drove home, all the while my gf playing on my laptop and laughing at me for being such a nerd as to go to a midnight release.

Obviously there are holes in my story, mostly being my driving from GameStop back to my house, and then back to GameStop later in the night. Both of those trips From and To involved me trying to explain how epic SC and SC2 were and is going to be respectively to my girlfriend

I'd love to hear how it went for anyone else that decided to brave the wilds of nerdland at 12am
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  1. ShyOblivion's Avatar
    Oh man, what a harrowing journey. Nearly as epic as my own.

    I had to drive 25 minutes to a Walmart south of here, since my city is devoid of anything more complicated that fishing tackle and dive bars. I walked it at 11:55pm to find, a grand total of 3 people waiting.

    One guy obviously hadn't bathed in several days, and had the patchiest facial have I've ever seen. Another was a super skinny asian kid with khaki pants and a button-down shirt with pocket protector AND calculator watch. Lastly, a guy who seemed SUPER interested in every small tidbit of information the other two would spout out. I think he secretly hoped they would be his new best friends.

    So 12 hit, friend from work showed up to get a copy as well, we pay, get a free promotional poster, and leave.
  2. Marzyn's Avatar
    Wow, I didn't even get a poster or anything! So lame
  3. NiCKYNiTRO's Avatar
    hahah DiscoBBQ grabbed me a 10-day guest pass. Never played SC2 so I'll check it out.